Zend Studio Pro 7.1.1 - Final

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Zend Studio Pro 7.1.1 - Final

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Zend Studio for Eclipse combines proven Zend technology and the Eclipse PHP Developers Tools (PDT) project to create the world s most powerful IDE for developing rich Web applications. By combining proven Zend PHP editor technology, integration with Zend Platform and Zend Core, built in database connectivity, integrated debugging , profiling, code coverage and testing capabilities, team support with extensible version control support, support for Zend Framework, support for Web Services, comprehensive with multi-language support and extensibility provided by the vibrant Eclipse open source community, developers have the tools they need for support of the entire PHP application lifecycle.
Zend Studio is designed for new PHP programmers wishing to create PHP applications for the coolest Internet programs and Web pages. It is the perfect PHP development environment for delivering robust and bug-free applications in record time.

With a state-of-the-art PHP editor and an award-winning Internal Debugger, Zend Studio delivers all the basic features a PHP developer needs:
Increase productivity with the proven PHP development environment. Includes advanced PHP 5 Support, Code Editor, Code Completion, Syntax Highlighting, Project Manager, Wizards, and an Internal Debugger.
Enhance your productivity. Test your application on the spot using Zend Studio's renowned and award-winning Internal Debugger. Advanced debugging features include conditional breakpoints, stack trace view, advanced watches, variables and output buffer.
Deliver applications in record time with the productivity of 100 reusable Code Snippets. Zend Snippets Explorer lets you organize, view, and add utility functions and code samples. Connect automatically to the Zend hosted code Gallery where you can select, download, rate or upload additional Code Snippets.
Develop faster and smarter with Syntax Highlighting. Enhance code comprehension with color highlighting for PHP 4, PHP 5, HTML, javascript, XML and CSS.

Supported Operating Systems:
* Windows x86 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32 bit only)
* Linux x86 (32 bit only)
* Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 x86 or Power (32 bit only)

New! in Studio V7.1.0:
* Task-focused Programming with Mylyn Integration
As a developer, you are probably dealing with dozens of tasks daily. Zend Studio 7.1 helps you reduce information overload and ensures nothing falls between the cracks. Leveraging the well-known Eclipse Mylyn project, Zend Studio now identifies information, such as source files, classes and functions, relevant to each task. Once you activate a task to work on from the tasks list now incorporated into Zend Studio, all related elements are automatically opened and arranged in the Zend Studio user interface. This puts the information you need at your fingertips and improves productivity by reducing searching, scrolling, and navigation.
Tasks may be personal or shared among your team members. Zend Studio can display and update tasks from various task repositories, such as Bugzilla, Trac, and JIRA.
* Remote Server Support
Zend Studio 7.1 enables you to develop projects over a remote server transparently, as if you were using a locally stored project. With Zend Studio 7.1 you can easily upload, download and synchronize project files to a remote server through protocols such as FTP, SFTP and SSH. Zend Studio will alert you to any conflicts between your local and remote project, thereby eliminating errors and ensuring you are always editing the correct source files.
* Phar Integration
Phar (short for PHP Archive ) is an archive extension that enables you to group several files into a single file for easy distribution and installation of complete PHP applications. With Zend Studio 7.1 you can now import to phar, export to phar and add phar to your project.
* Improved Reliability and Performance
Zend Studio 7.1 includes numerous bug fixes and introduces major improvements in performance and code assist.




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