NI Diadem 11.1

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NI Diadem 11.1

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National Instruments DIAdem - interactive software for working with data processing and reporting. NI DIAdem provides a unified environment for rapid processing and analysis of data obtained during the measurements. DIAdem makes it possible to import data from files and standard databases, work with arrays that are larger than 1 billion items. In DIAdem, you can visualize data, extract information needed for decision-making, and share findings with colleagues.

DIAdem also has the potential non-parallel interaction through data warehousing, such as files created by LabVIEW, binary and text files, as well as commercial databases that are compatible with SQL / ODBC and ADO.
Libraries of mathematical analysis include features such as fast Fourier transform, digital filters, approximation, statistics, as well as the possibility of developing specialized algorithms. Information obtained from the source data can be easily added to a professionally designed report. Reports can be presented in various formats: as a graphic file, in printed form or as ready-made HTML page. In addition, all actions in the DIAdem environment can be written as a macro that can be edited using Visual Basic Script.

- Analysis of the results of measurements, find anomalies, analysis of the correlation of several implementations of the tests
- Automation of repetitive procedures of data analysis
- Creating reports with graphs
- Save the results as text files, binary files and Excel

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