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Graphite v8.6.1 SP2 HP1 Empty Graphite v8.6.1 SP2 HP1

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Graphite v8.6.1 SP2 HP1 70726f647563742f736f6674776172652f67726170686974655f30312e6a70670033303000

Graphite v8.6.1 SP2 HP1 | 54 mb

No other CAD drafting software is faster and easier to use than Graphite - period. With the power to match the world's leading drafting package, Graphite provides an interface that lets creative people get the job done without worrying about how to run their software.

GraphiteT Feature List
* Updated Interface
* Effortless and Fast Precision Drafting
* Easier to Learn and Faster to Use
* Accurate 2D and 3D Drafting to 16 Digits
* Intuitive Vellum®️ Interface
* Revolutionary Vellum Drafting Assistant for Intelligent Snaps and Automatic Alignments in X, Y, and Z
* Unique Hybrid Mac/Windows Office/Home Licensing
* Advanced 2D and 3D Equation-driven Parametrics
* Intelligent, Parametric Symbols from any Geometry
* Multiple Sheet/Model Drawings
* Compatible for Intel Mac and Windows Vista
* Over 10,000 Architectural and Mechanical Symbols with Preview Panel
* Flexible and Dynamic Dimensioning to ANSI, JIS, ISO,BAE, DIN, and ASME
* GD&T Standards
* Multiple Dynamic Views
* True 32-bit, Seamless Macintosh and Windows Compatibility
* Precision Import/Export Translators Including IGES and DXF
* Bill of Materials
* 2D Analysis: Area, CG, Moments
* Dynamic Detail Views
* Spellcheck

What's New in v8?
* Updated User lnterface (learn more)
* Ambiguity Popup Box (learn more)
* Tear Off Palettes (learn more)
* New Update Installer (learn more)
* Mid-point Line Tool (learn more)
* Resizable Dialogue Boxes (learn more)
* Offset, Linear and Polar Duplicate Tools in Main Tool Palette (learn more)
* Undo Buffer for Each Graphite Window (learn more)
* Enhanced AutoCAD DWG/DXF Support (learn more)
* Support for Hatch Patterns in .PAT Format (learn more)
* Eye Dropper Tool (learn more)
* Pen Style Palette (learn more)
* Direct, Multi-sheet PDF Creation with Optional Imbedded DXF Export (learn more)
* Status Line is Used to Modify Objects (learn more)
* Dynamic View (learn more)
* Customizable Arrows (learn more)
* Enhanced Spacebar and Mouse Button Panning (learn more)
* Support for Multiple Instances of Graphite (learn more)
* Support for Flattened Detail Views (learn more)
* Support for Automatic Flattened View on Export (learn more)
* Double Click to Open Edit Objects Dialog Box (learn more)
* Improved Multi-user Preferences (learn more)
* Support for File Names over 32 Characters
* Import of JPEG and PNG Format Images now Supported (learn more)
* File Preview in Mac Finder and Windows Explorer
* Universal Binary Optimized for the Intel Mac (learn more)

Enhanced Features in Graphite v8
* Improved printing of diagonal lines (Mac)
* Screen Inverting (learn more)
* Construction Lines Bug Fixed (Mac) (learn more)
* Zoom In Long Lines Bug Fixed (Mac) (learn more)
* Support for Uncommon File Systems (learn more)
* Patterned Line Support in Detail Views (learn more)
* Enhanced Spline tool (learn more)
* Enhanced Text Editing Tools (learn more)
* New Preference Settings for Selection Tool Behavior

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