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System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Empty System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5

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System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 43705_1ymjpf

Graphical partition editor displays, checks, resizes, copies, moves, creates, formats, deletes, and modifies partitions.

Text based partitioning tool.

GRUB / lilo
Multi Bootloaders Install or restore bootloader. If Microsoft Windows removed a multi bootloader, run it from this CD, and reinstall it.

File System tools
Each file system has its own tools. For example XFS provides xfsprogs. It allows the user to format an existing partition, to resize another one, ... We provide reiserfsprogs for ReiserFS, Reiser4progs, xfsprogs for XFS, jfsprogs for JFS, e2fsprogs for ext2/ext3/ext4, ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g-AR for NTFS, dosfstools for FAT / VFAT.

Archiving tools
tar/gzip/bzip2 are provided for Unix users. zip / unzip, rar / unrar / unace for Microsoft Windows users. It allows users to backup / restore their data from this bootable disc. Dar (Disk Archiver) It's like tar but it's a lot more powerful.

During a system rescue, you may need to edit system files. nano (a lightweight editor), vim [13] (VI Improved), qemacs (emacs clone), elvis and joe. also Leafpad, a graphical text editor under X windows.

Midnight Commander
Text file manager shows directories and files in a graphical display. It is very easy to use, and allows browse, copy, rename, delete, move, search and edit files.

CD / DVD burning tools
cdrecord packages that comes with mkisofs. It is the linux standard CD burning command from console. Mkisofs allows you to create an ISO image file to use with cdrecord. Cdw is a text based front end to make cdrecord and mkisofs easier to use. Udftools are provided for packet writing. Now, you can also use dvd rwtools.

Network Tools
allow exchanging data with other computers. lftp, ssh (client and server), ppp (connect to the internet), lynx (console web browser). LUFS (Linux Userland File System), NFS, and Samba mount-t smbfs / / ip / share / mnt / path allow you to mount remote file systems

Network admin tools
including nslookup (DNS-tool), nmap (network exploration), netcat (network piping tool).

Security tools
Chkrootkit searches for a rootkit installed on your system (rootkit is a package installed by a hacker that allows them to hack it).

Clam-AntiVirus [15] Update the definitions from the CD, and scan system for viruses.

Text Web browsers
lynx (from console terminal) and elinks [17] (from X terminal). Useful for to viewing at documentation during recovery of the system.

allows mounting NTFS partitions with full Read and Write support. Read the manual for information about how to use it.

Enterprise Volume Management System is a powerful logical volume manager. It allows you to manage the space of your hard disk with a more powerful approach than partitions.

object-oriented programming language.

Many administration scripts are written in perl.

Secure Deletion
Several wiping tools (such as shred and wipe) ensure that files are really erased from the hard disk.

Misc Tools
md5deep calculates the MD5 sum in subdirectories

Boot images
The CD comes with several floppy disk images. These can be used as if they were real boot floppy disks.
* FreeDos allows running DOS programs without proprietary MS-DOS
* MemTest test the physical memory, and tells if it is damaged or not
* Gag (Graphical Boot Manager) an easy to use Boot manager (such as LILO)
* Ranish Partition Manager a bootable partition editor.
* Aida a powerful hardware enumeration / diagnostic / discovery tool (as sandra). Details components like type of video subsystem, NIC and memory specifics.
* MHDD low-level Hard Disk Drive Diagnostic. Reports S.M.A.R.T. data, firmware errorlog, runs firmware tests, scans surface reporting access times per sector and much more.

Part 1
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 2
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 3
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 4
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 5
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 6
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 7
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 8
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 9
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 10
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

Part 11
System Multiboot Rescue CD 1.5 Vwsl11

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